pointing the world to Christ through love and service ...

Our Vision

In 2008, we identified a strengths-based vision for our congregation, rooted in our best experiences as a church. After reflection and refinement this statement was declared:

At Midway Baptist Church, there is an eagerness and freedom to worship, learn, and serve others in Christ. Everyone is valued. Everyone has a place.

Everyone is loved and supported… every step of the way.

We also settled on a single phrase that seemed to sum up the whole reason for our existence:

Midway Baptist Church: Pointing the World to Christ through Love and Service

Core Strengths

We believe we are at our best when we are:

  • Forming children and youth in the way of Christ;
  • Making a difference in our community and world through hands-on service;
  • Building loving friendships through Sunday School and other small-group experiences;
  • Bringing together people from different generations and backgrounds;
  • Worshiping God in a free and vibrant way;
  • Providing opportunities to grow and serve outside the walls of the church.


121 S Winter St, Midway, KY 40347
(859) 846-4514