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Sunday School

Make a “Change” Sunday

August 20th is “Make A ‘Change’ Sunday” August 20th will be the first date of classes post promotion! If you aren’t part of a Sunday School Class, take this opportunity to join one of the many classes at Midway Baptist Church! The Journey Class and 2nd Breakfast Class will be hosting a BIG breakfast at 9:30 for the kickoff. Every Sunday after this, MBC will provide milk, juice and doughnuts. On the third Sunday of every month, we will be hosting a breakfast potluck with rotating Sunday School classes providing the clean up crew. What about your spare change? The MBC Finance Committee is issuing you a challenge! How hard is it to make a change? Let’s see what we can do when you just bring in your spare change…where is it? In a jar, in your couch cushions, in your drink holder for the car? Buckets will be placed at the front of the church to fill up during both services!

  • Every Sunday, Sunday school provides the opportunity for you to grow and learn with others. Sunday school classes are set up for you to feel comfortable and challenged. You can share your burdens and support others during their hard times. It’s also a fun place to get together with genuine people who desire to pursue Christ. Also, this is a place to draw deeper and closer to God and others. See below for a listing of Sunday school classes, location, and teachers. Come grow with us!
  • Important reminder for children K-5th: During the summer, children in the K-1st (Ronan Wyatt), 2nd-3rd (Lois Robinette) and 4th-5th (Kelly Rowe) grade classes will join together and weekly participate in a new K-5th Sunday School Summer Class Project. This special class will meet in the large room upstairs and will be led by Kayla Logan with weekly helpers. The class will be participating in an “Amazing Race” through the Bible. Please join us throughout the summer for the K5th Sunday School Class. If you have any questions, please see Evan (evan@midwaybc.net) or Kayla.
  • Looking Ahead. Sunday School Promotion Sunday will be August 13th August 13th- Sunday school teacher meeting immediately fol-lowing the second service (lunch will be provided).

Nursery 104 Lynda Craig
Preschool 105 Mary Holly LeCompte and Kristy Royalty
K – 1st Grade 103 Ronan Wyatt
2nd – 3rd Grade 101 Lois Robinette
4th – 5th Grade Prayer Room Kelly Rowe
Middle School 122 Turner St Logan and Samantha Nance
High School 122 Turner St Dave and Tressie Hird
College and Young Adult 109 Angie Dobson
Journey 111 Paula Tackett, Paulette Akers
Second Breakfast Picnic Table
Adults I 118 Turner St. Dave Forman
Lamplighter 110 Iraline Craig
Fellowship 106 Allen Dobson




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(859) 846-4514